Teaching practice in Finnish school

In recent years, the Finnish school system has aroused a great deal of interest. Good results from the PISA tests have attracted a lot of international guests to Finland to get to know the education system, schools and teachers. However, short school visits do not open the school reality to the visitors.

In this course, you have an opportunity to get acquainted with daily life in Finnish school. Two days for the course are used for Finnish educational basics and three days are used for job shadowing in different schools. Participants' wishes (class, subject etc.) are taken into account, when choosing suitable job showing schools. During the job shadowing, the school's operating culture is also introduced and a lot of discussions and reflections are taken ​place with the school staff. The course also contains social activities when participants will meet and discuss with Finnish teachers and headteachers.

Main topics are:

-Finnish school system

- Teacher training

- Curriculum- Importance of school culture

- Different learning environments

The course is targeted for teachers, headteachers and administrative staff. The participants will get Europass mobility document and a course certificate.

The course is carried out if there are more than 10 participants.

The course fee is 500€. It includes the course program.

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