Said in course feedback:

A) Improving education for sustainable development in schools

B) Outdoor education in Finnish schools

C) Teaching practice in Finnish school

A) Improving education for sustainable development in schools

"It was well organised and interesting."

"There was a nice balance between theories and practical activities. Also the combination of talking to a lot Finnish teachers and having to opportunity to visit different schools is great. The free time in the evening and afternoon was also very nice. It gave time for reflection."

"Open discussions, diversity in content and job shadowing."

"It was nice that we could see in a lot of school and classes."

"You have done a great work and thought about lots of things. We felt really welcome and you have organized everything very good. We were off course also a nice group :) "

"Great there were so many possibilities for job shadowing. Keep up the good work."

"The school visiting. The discussions The information."

"Everything has been perfect ! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of living this so amazing experience !!"

"The combination of the theories with the practice."

"Job Shadowing was very interesting. A lot of different schools and activities so you can see and learn a lot. Bonfire and food was good!"

"The explanation of ESD, the visits of the schools!"

"The chance of being able to do job shadowing in several schools and live a Finnish educational expediencies in the real life."

"I felt very welcome, good time management, enough time for free time, good order in visiting schools and possibility to see the differences. Thank you very much for this positive and inspiring week!"

B) Outdoor education in Finnish schools

"The course was built up perfectly. Nice balance of practical things, theory and social life."

"The finnish team, you are very friendly, helpfull and professional."

"The course was extremely well organized. All beforementioned topics were excellent."

"We lived strong moments, hosted like in families, we will remember it ever."

"The good mood between all the teammates of every countries, because of the interesting tasks we had to do."

"There were a lot of practical things that let us really understand how teaching works here."

"I liked: examples of outdoor activities in schools and in Rokua, good friendly atmosphere,  excellent organising of the course.

"The course program was includes diversity of activities (educational, social, sporty, cultural, ecological)."

"I really liked everything so much and I go back home full of hope that a better world can be built from school and utopias can exist."

"Thank you very much for everything that you showed us, starting from the practical hobbies in nature, the cooperative group works in woods, ending with the job shadowing. Everything is amazing here, really!"

C) Teaching practice in Finnish school

"A very good impression of the education system based on trust and strong pedagogy!"

"Deep understanding of the own profession of teachers and principals we met."

"To have a lot of opportunity to meet teacher colleague an discuss different issue of pedagogic."

"Practical observation of the teachers work in class, exchanging good practices in debates, very detailed presenting the background of the Finnish school system."

"The information about special needed kids."

"Lot of time in school for jobshadowing and discuss with Finnish colleagues and with other participants. Nice that there were some social activities."

"Visiting different schools and practice. Networking with colleagues."