Outdoor education in Finnish schools

Climate change and loss of biodiversity are the main global threats to human and natural well-being. Although there is enough information, there has been very little progress in peoples' environmental behavior.

Knowledge is not enough to change peoples' behavior. Changing behavior to be more environmental responsibility requires not only knowledge but also positive values and attitudes towards nature. "What you love you don't want to destroy".

Nature education and environmental education have strong status in Finnish school tradition. Education is based on pupils' experiences in real nature. The aim of outdoor education is to strengthen pupils' positive relationship to nature, because according the researches it has been shown that positive relationship to nature is the basis for pupils' environmental responsibility behavior.

This course will focus on how teachers can implement outdoor education in their teaching. Another important goal on this course is to strengthen each participant's personal relationship to nature. Daily work includes presentations, workshops, visits to local schools, job shadowing and reflection. The course contains also social activities when participants will meet and discuss with Finnish teachers and headteachers. The course program includes two-day (Wednesday-Thursday) excursion to Rokua National Park (https://www.nationalparks.fi/rokuanp/nature). The course fee includes transportation, accommodation, all meals and program during the Rokua excursion.

Main topics are:

- Finnish education system and teacher training

- Education for sustainable development (ESD) at school

- The connection of outdoor education to ESD

- Outdoors activities in Nature school

- Pedagogical teaching materials and equipment used in Nature School

- Teaching different school subjects outdoor (e.g. math, biology, sport)

- Strengthen participants personal relationship to nature

- Hiking skills trainings (e.g. orienteering, fishing, canoeing, making food on fire)

- Visit Rokua National Park/ Rokua Geopark

The course is targeted for teachers, headteachers and administrative staff. The participants will get course certificate and if needed Europass mobility document.

The course is carried out if there are more than 15 participants.

The course fee is 640€. It includes the course program and two days all inclusive Rokua excursion.

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